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Our puppies grow up in our home and are present in our everyday life. The puppies meet a lot of people of different ages and get used to all kinds of sounds of our home and everyday life.
Our queue is currently open.
  • When you buy a puppy from us, you get a free one-year membership to the Finnish Australian Labradoodle Club and a fur care guide produced by the club.
  • The puppies have been checked by a veterinarian, they are microchipped and properly wormed.
  • An expert has tested the puppies for their temperaments.
  • I promise to support the buyer throughout the dog's lifetime.
  • Sterilization/castration: Ownership of the dog is only transferred when the dog is sterilized/neutered, which is done at our expense at the latest at 18 months of age (requirement of the breed association). 
  • The results of the health tests of the puppy's mother and father can be seen at the breeder's office.
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