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I'm Christel and I live with my husband in southern Finland with our two dogs, Molly the Australian Labradoodle and Mickan the Labrador Retriever. There are other dogs in our breeding program, but they live with guardian families because I want them to grow up as normal family dogs. Our dogs can enjoy both the peace of the countryside and the buzz of city life. I consider health and good character to be important when raising dogs.

I have had dogs almost all my life, the last 40 years labrador retrievers until I got Molly (Doodledogs Broccoli) from Wales (UK) in 2013. Molly is Löfkulla's first breeding dog and the foundation of our breeding program. In autumn 2016, male Luca (Raisdoodles Whiskey) was acquired for joint ownership with another breeder. Now we have several of our own breeds in our breeding program, and more young dogs are growing. All my dogs have wavy fleece coats.



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